Wakey, wakey; It’s a new year of crazy school mornings. Some tips for sanity…

Mornings are difficult for many families, but successful routines can be implemented when everyone does their part. The Children’s Workshop aims to set families up for success by providing them with quality childcare, enrichment programs, and resources. Our program includes breakfast, snacks and lunch easing the stress for families. Contact us, find a school near you.
Creating a Happy, Healthy Morning Routine for Your Family

Early mornings find the average parent jumping out of bed when the alarm blares, racing to get the kids to school on time. Often, they prepare sandwich lunches as the kids gobble up cereal for breakfast, frantically search for missing clothes and books, and hurry the kids out the door with just seconds to spare. Mornings can be chaotic with kids in tow, but it’s not difficult to break the cycle and create a happy, healthy morning routine to start the day off well for the whole family.

Prepare Early

Mornings are easier when some of the work is done ahead of time. Breakfast and lunch can both be prepared the night before; think banana bread or slow cooker French toast for breakfast. The kids should lay out their clothing, take showers, and pack their backpacks at night to ease morning stress.

Put Everything in Its Place

Everything should have a designated place in the house. Keys, purses, briefcases, shoes, umbrellas, hats, gloves, and other necessities should have their own home, ideally in a mudroom or near the door. This will help avoid those stressful mornings when everyone wastes a half-hour looking for Dad’s keys and Suzy’s left shoe.

Utilize Charts

Charts are a great way to get the kids familiar with their morning tasks. Parents can talk to their kids about the morning routine and discuss ways to improve it, then children can draw their own charts illustrating the order in which morning activities—dressing, eating, brushing teeth, etc.—should be completed. This also encourages independence and teaches kids to rely on the schedule instead of waiting for direction from parents.

Remain Calm

Kids take their cues from parents, so when Mom and Dad start stressing out, they do too. Plus, an early morning screaming match never started anyone’s day off well. When parents remain calm but firm in directing kids in the morning, kids are more likely to calmly but quickly complete their tasks.

Our schools, teachers and staff play an important role in morning routines. Come take a tour of a center and stay to see how we handle mornings! We’d love to give you a sneak peak on all of the learning that happens in the morning at The Children’s Workshop.

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