Valentine’s Day Getaways

Parents usually put their needs on the back burner and wait for an opportunity for quality time. Miss. Tracy spoke with our friends at The Rhode Show about afforable and fun getaways for Valentine’s Day! Watch the segment here!

Weekend getaways:

  • Litchfield, Connecticut is a hop and jump away. If you looking for some relaxation the Charym Body Temple is the place for you. You can spend some time just rejuvenating on some yoga, a facial, and destressing. That is time well spent.

  • Yoga not for you, how about The Bristol Harbor Inn in Bristol Rhode Island. Located on Thames Street. This 1818 era warehouse redone over with lots of windows and sunsets to watch as you sip on a cocktail. The menu can satisfy any pallet. It’s a nice evening to de-stress.

  • Purity Spring Resort, family-owned and -operated for more than 100 years. There is something for everyone. Skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, shopping, skate in their covered rink. You can rent condos or stay in a lodge. The accommodations are nice, reasonable and there is so much to do. This short romantic trip is under 3- 4 hours away, depending on where you are coming from.

Looking for something to do that does not cost a lot of money or get more bang for your buck:

  • Vermont – go visit Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center. Hands on activities, world’s oldest coral reef and more $13.50. Stop by local bars or eateries and get a couple of drinks and some food for under $30. Court Yard Harbor has rooms for under $150. Spending time together on a dime makes for the perfect day.

  • Providence- Take a walk through Rhode Island School of Design $12. There are so many things to look at, it could easily take up most of the day. Then take a five minute walk to many restaurants and eateries for under $20 dollars. You can have a romantic day and evening for under $50.

  • Connecticut- Start the night with a stop at Soul de Cuba Café, in New Haven. Their menu has a variety to choose from $5 to $20. Once you have finished dinner head over to Paranormal Aficionados which offer a haunting in Connecticut for $25 dollars with a guided tour. You might just bump into Jimmy Hendrix’s ghost.

Whatever your budget is or your taste for adventure, there is something for everyone. Just think outside the box, you might just relax and have a good time.

This article was written by Tracy Martin-Turgeon, Regional Director at The Children’s Workshop.