Touring TCW

  • With the upcoming school year right around the corner, Miss Heather wanted to give parents a look inside our Lincoln school. It is important to search for different options when it comes to your child’s education and it is vital to ask questions when touring any facility! The more you know about the facility and school your child enrolls in, the more comfortable you will feel. Miss Heather discussed this topic on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

With 18 locations throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we are a large organization, but we are family owned and operated. When visiting any facility, Miss Heather encourages you to ask the following questions:

  • ​- What type of curriculum does the school your touring use?
  • – What are the mission, vision, values, and philosophies of the company?
  • – What do the daily routines and schedules look like for each age group?
  • – Does the facility provide breakfast, lunch, and/or snack?
  • – How much time spent is spent outdoors on a typical day?

Miss Heather also encourages you to get to know the staff and teachers. Are they warm and welcoming? Do they make you feel as though you belong there? Also ask what the qualifications are in order to become a teacher at the facility. In terms of the actual building, look around- it the furniture in good condition? Make sure to look for any hazards in sight. Research and look online to find reviews of potential childcare and early learning facilities. Another great way to find out information is by asking the person giving you the tour for references from current families. There are so many resources in place to provide you with the information needed to make such an important decision regarding your child’s early education.

For more on touring one of our schools, contact a location nearest you!