Toddling Along – Are you smarter than a Toddler?

 Let's talk about how the baby is smarter than I am – ok Correct semantics would be how he outsmarts me daily.  As I have never had an official IQ test and neither has he, I will refrain from making any permanent judgments for now.  Apologies, I digress – so in this blog I will take a moment to enumerate the times in which Louis has outsmarted me as well as the times that I chose not to listen to him when I clearly should have.


 1. When i said "you can have a cookie when your dinner is all gone" and Louis promptly dumped his plate on the floor and said "all gone!"


 2.  When I told Louis not to take all the clothes out of the laundry basket and throw them on the floor because they were dirty and he put them in the toilet instead and said "wata! All keen".


3. When I was cooking dinner and Louis said "uh oh" and I said "what? Mommy didn't spill anything" then stepped in the milk he had dumped on the floor.


4. When I was changing Louis for school and he pointed to where i had put his pants and said "wha tha?" without looking (first mistake) I said "your pants." he said "wha tha?" and I said, still without looking (second mistake, or maybe just an extension of the original mistake) "your pants!" he said "NO WHA THA" at which point i thought to myself – he has already been told they are his pants, time to ignore his questions and focus on getting dressed (third and biggest mistake) and proceeded to reach for his pants and – surprise – the dog had left a present on the carpet.  For the sake of my pride I will let you infer what happened next. 


Let's be honest –  i could go on and on here.   These instances just keep driving the point home for me – whether i want to admit it or not, my little guy is growing and growing and learning about the world around him every second of every day.  It is a tough job to keep up.  So the Lesson learned? Easy – listening to the baby, excuse me – the toddler, will save you from a whole bunch of….poop.