Toddling Along!

Toddling Along

A Blog by Bailey Kent, Director of The Children's Workshop in Bourne, MA.  aka "Louis's Mom"

Let's talk about date night.  

That's what my husband said to me on Tuesday right before dinner.  He wanted to go out the very next day and had very sweetly asked my uncle-in-law to watch the baby.  I was touched and said, "Of course!"  

Unfortunately though, in our excited planning, we failed to remember that I got home right before 7 PM and he had a meeting that night at 8 PM.  Funny, we almost forgot how busy we are as working parents. 

Also, did I mention that uncle-in-law doesn't give baths or change diapers? 

So how did our talk about date night go?  It was great – we talked, we didn't date.  Ok so next day planning is out….let's plan for the weekend …. nope: birthday parties, playground dates, apple picking, grocery shopping, laundry, the need to have 2 hours where there is nothing to do! 

Ok, maybe next week.  Well no, same problems about bath time and meeting times coinciding.  And the weekend after that… you get the picture.  You probably painted the picture along with us.  So that got me thinking – how do you retain your pre-baby life during the heyday of your baby life?  I think maybe I will suggest a movie night in to simulate a movie theater experience (thank goodness for bedtime).  And then we'll go from there. 

But one thing I do know, I went onto my retirement plan website today and upped my contribution percentage.  We might not be able to get out for a date until we're 65, but when that time comes, I plan on being ready.  

Maybe dinner…and a movie….in Paris?   

See you in 2050, Eiffel Tower!