Time Management Tips from a Working Mom

For mom’s being pulled in 50 different directions a day, time management is definitely a struggle. As a mom of a toddler and a baby on the way I find it helpful to have a plan to mange my time. First I make a list on Sundays of everything that needs to get done in a week and then I schedule them based on priority and location. I try to do a little everyday so it’s less over whelming. Example: if I have to go food shopping in Seekonk, doctors and my child’s dentist in Providence I schedule the two errands in Providence on the same day. You will save a tremendous amount of time if you think about an effective route/plan of action. Be realistic with your weeks plan and do not be hard on yourself if you don’t get everything done. One of my biggest challenges as a working mom is finding special time with my daughter to play, do puzzles or have a tea party. After a long day my daughter wanted to play and I wanted to watch my recorded House Wives of New Jersey. So I started scheduling special time with my daughter –its just a reality these days, I work full time and my husband works 50-60 hrs a week so its really just me running the show. Every night at 6pm my daughter has my full attention. This worked out great; at 2 she knows it is her special time, young children love repetition, schedules and predictability. Having the special time at 6:00 helped me wind her down so bed time was easier and when she was sleeping I could clean up and plan for the next day and have some time for myself i.e. eat chocolate and Facebook. Another huge but small change I made was, laying out the next days clothes including accessories. The time saved in the morning on finding a cute outfit and avoiding the pile of rejected clothes can be put to another chore.  One more important element to managing your time more effectively but more difficult is getting up earlier-EWWW! However long you need to travel and get ready in the morning add an extra hour. So if you normally start work at 8am and have a ½ hr. drive and you need 1 hr to get ready you would wake up at 6:30am. Instead wake up at 530am, its stinks getting up early believe me. Pre-kids I slept till 10 every weekend. But the extra hour while your kids are still sleeping is huge. It also makes you feel accomplished and when you get home after a long day it is nice to know a load of laundry or dished is already done. For myself, today I dusted, and vacuumed and I still had time to put a little dazzle in my hair and makeup.


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