The Key to Effective Parent Communication

Communication is usually associated with talking.  Surprise!  It actually has a lot to do with listening.  As a parent of six, and an educator for almost twenty years you would think I know just how to communicate with every known personality of every parent out there. NOT!  Every child is just as unique as their parent and the Key to true Effective Communication is finding out what works for each and every parent. Today’s parents are extremely busy and do not always have the opportunity to spend time in the class, or read every memo.  So how do we make parents feel a part of their child’s learning experiences here at The Children’s Workshop?

Here are three points that have been proven to work!

  • Parents appreciate it most when you can tell them something POSITIVE about their child.  Being an educator is not an easy job but being a parent can be just as overwhelming at times.  Pick up time for parents should leave a lasting impression.  Pay attention to those moments that parents miss, write it down, take a picture or if you can have that face to face conversation- take it!
  • Emails, Facebook, Skype, – and every other form of technology could never compare to the good old fashion regular mail.  I keep a stack of cards available for every occasion to send to parents, “Your child did the nicest thing today”, “Your child is a delight to have in class”, “Thanks for raising a great kid”, or “Heard you had a new addition to your family”, are a few ways to communicate with parents that will bring that a smile to their faces without ever saying a word!
  • Let the parents establish THEIR best way to communicate on their child’s progress.  Conferences seem so formal; give the parents options that you as the educator can accommodate so it won’t be rushed but thorough with room for questions and concerns.


Nicole is the Lead Administrator at our center in Seekonk, MA. She recieved a Bachelor's Degree in Early Education from UMASS Boston. A working Mom of six with over twenty years of early education experience, she is also Director 2 Certified. Her philosophy is, "Being an Educator is the next best thing to being a parent!"