The Importance of Supporting Your Local Food Pantry

It was brought to our attention recently at The Children’s Workshop- North Kingstown that our local food pantry is extremely low on food.  Children that eat breakfast and lunch at school are now at home every day during the summer.  People are finding it harder to make ends meet and need a little extra help.  Our food pantry went from helping 65 families in 2010 to now helping 175.


In an effort to help our town we in North Kingstown have started an on-going food drive.  Our parents and staff have been asked to help others.  Our goal is to deliver 3 or more boxes of food monthly to the food pantry.

Everyone things about food donations at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, and that is wonderful.  However, the truth is people need to eat every day, year round.  Therefore a challenge is being sent out to other Children’s Workshop Centers.  How many boxes of food can you collect for your local food bank or food pantry?


Please join us and help our neighbors and your neighbors.

Thank you!



Click Here for more information about nutrition and child development.

Click Here to locate a food pantry near you.


Shirley is a Toddler Teacher at The Children's Workshop in North Kingstown. She joined our team when the North Kingstown center opened in Spring 2012.  After fifteen years of working with children as an educator and a girl scout leader, Shirley loves how children can remember things you talk about months later.