The Importance of Early Education

Most parents, when thinking about their child’s education, start thinking about a college fund.  What elementary school are we going to send them, what high-schools are rated high etc.   These are all good and true to start thinking about.  However, we need to start thinking about before elementary school.  Starting your child early in a high-quality early learning facility is important to help shape long term success.  You also want to think about having your child be prepared emotionally, physically, and academically making their future much brighter.  Here at the Children’s workshop we do just that.  As a parent, you will know that your child is safe and healthy and with educators that are going to help shape your child’s future. This segment was featured on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Did you know that 90% of your child’s brain is developed by age three? Studies have shown that children who are in a high-quality learning environment are better prepared when they enter elementary school.  Learning begins at birth and forward.  Here at the Children’s Workshop we have curriculum for even our youngest members our infants.  In the infant classrooms, our educated teachers are involved in the social and emotional aspects of your child’s growth and development.  Tummy time, interacting with other children and learning from older infants.  Positive and early relationships are extremely important and key to healthy developing infants.  Quality programs play a huge part in helping make those bridges from home to early learning facilities.  How our teachers interact is at the heart of early education. 

What to look for to start your child’s education off early?

You want to look for a well-rounded program, that meets the needs of your children, educated staff, nurturing and safe.

Does the program promote positive interactions with children and connections with families?  You want a facility that is going to encourage your child independence so they learn from their successes.  Promotes social readiness so they can socialize in the real world.  

Does the curriculum focus on all aspects of a child’s development? Are activities designed to help children problem solve, explore, learn from others? Some of our unique points is that we are not cookie cutter school. We Tailor our curriculum based on the needs of the children and how they develop and their community.  Not every child learns the same way, not every child has the same personality.  So, when you visit a school ask them to walk you through what your child will be learning? 

When parents decide to start their child’s education early on before elementary your child may benefit from the following.

  • Learn opportunities to share
  • To socialize and interact with other children and adults.
  • Organized curriculum that helps your child develop cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • How to manage frustrations and work out problem solving skills.
  • How to play in large groups, small groups, and independently.
  • Help your child if they are struggling in an area.
  • Help the parents with resources they may not be aware of.
  • Family advocates and education specialist on hand to help with any concerns.
  • Self-help skills, such as putting on their jacket, zippering, and toilet training.
  • Pre-school will help to enhance math skills, language skill, and pre- reading skills.
  • Motor skills will help children with their fine and gross motor skills as well.

When you choose a High Quality Early Learning Facility you can rest easy knowing that your child is cared for, healthy, and ready for the real world when they leave. When you join, it is almost as if you adopted an addition to your family.   Come by and take a tour, ask questions, we guarantee you’re going to like it.

Resources:  Parenting Magazine, Great schools,    National Association for the Education of Young Children.

This article was written by Tracy Martin Turgeon, VP and Regional Director at The Children’s Workshop in Cumberland, RI.