The Children’s Workshop Celebrates 25 Years!

The Children’s Workshop is launching their 25th year of success in child care and early education in 2015. The company will commemorate their 25th  anniversary by recognizing the importance of early education with families in the past, present and future of the company through a year full of special events. They are refreshing the core curriculum and company values to define a direction for the future. In order to thank the families that have brought them to where they are today, The Children’s Workshop is giving away 25 weeks of their services for free through a special contest.


This humble, family owned company was founded in Lincoln, RI in 1990. With only a handful of employees and eight students, The Children’s Workshop began their first preschool program. The company was established by working father of three, Dave MacDonald who wanted a quality child care program for his own daughters and his employees. Today, the company has expanded to include nineteen locations across Rhode Island and Massachusetts, over three hundred employees and serves over one thousand, five hundred students every day. The company is now led by MacDonald’s daughter, Maggie Teller, President and CEO.


“When I think about what twenty five years of success in early education looks like, I think of the families whose lives we have changed for the better, both our employees and our students. We are dedicated to continuing our mission of creating fun learning environments and peace of mind for parents,” says Teller.


The Children’s Workshop is taking a special approach to the curriculum this year. With twenty five years of educational achievement behind them, The Children’s Workshop family is going, “Full STEAM ahead in 2015!” STEAM is a widely used acronym standing for science, technology, engineering, art and math. These are core principles that The Children’s Workshop is emphasizing in their curriculum. The company will provide trainings for the teachers and special projects for the students based on the STEAM model to propel them into another twenty five years of success in education. 


The Children’s Workshop leadership team gathered for a weekend retreat where they rewrote the company’s core values and ethics. They call them, “The Workshop Ways to Live By.” 1. We are safe. Be excellent, be yourself, and always to what’s right. 2. We are kind. Promote trust, respect, and dignity universally. 3. We do our best. Be passionate, pay it forward, and make a difference. 4. We play to learn. Fun, laughter and love are the essentials of being a lifelong learner. These values are taught, with special care, to the employees and students of The Children’s Workshop family. Every member actively makes an effort to keep these values in their hearts, in their minds, and in their actions every day.


To celebrate students that have entered The Children’s Workshop classrooms over the past 25 years, the company is reaching out to alumni to reconnect and hear their success stories. “I started working for The Children’s Workshop and enrolled my step son when he was eighteen months old. Now he is nineteen years old and he is working part time in our Central Falls location, helping out with the kids. I can think of so many families like ours who grew up with The Children’s Workshop and are now having kids of their own and bringing them back to us. We still keep in touch,” Tracy Martin-Turgeon, Vice President of Operations, shares. These stories will be featured on their website and social media throughout the year.


To celebrate students that are in the classrooms today, The Children’s Workshop is giving away 25 weeks of their services for free! Each location will award one free week to one family at their center. The locations will take turns giving away a free week throughout the entire year. The families are given one chance to win for every year that they have been with the company. “It’s really important to recognize that we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the loyalty of our customers. In fact, they aren’t just our customers, they are a part of our family,” says Teller.


The 25th Anniversary extravaganza would not be complete without a companywide birthday party! All of The Children’s Workshop locations will throw a party for their mascot, Webster the puffin, on the official birth date of the company, June 10th. Alumni and employees that have been with The Children’s Workshop family over the years will be invited to the birthday party. Children and teachers in the school will take part in planning the festivities. “It’s a great way for us to reconnect. Some of these people have been with us for so long, there wasn’t even internet when we started,” says Martin-Turgeon.


Finally, to celebrate students of the future, the company is putting together a time capsule. Each of the nineteen locations will decide on one item to feature in the capsule. Then, they will elect one family to represent them, present the item and explain why they chose the item. These families will be invited to a special celebration dinner in their honor where the capsule will be assembled.


The Children’s Workshop hopes that the community will feel involved in their 25th Anniversary festivities. All of their family friendly events are free and open to families in the community.