Sixtine Valdelièvre Herold

We came to TCW after being at bright horizons. Bright horizons is great for some, but it was too ‘sterile’ and ‘institutionalized’ for us. The experience at TCW is personalized, warm, and caring. TCW is unique in that the teachers/administrators really try to understand where families are coming from and meet them halfway. My older son recently had a difficult behavioral stage where for a month or so he had some random but intense separation anxiety and the teachers could not have been more helpful. We had some special schedule issues with my work schedule and they worked with us to tailor our experience, which NO other daycare would have done. The kids love their teachers dearly and though there is always high turnover as there is in this field, I feel like TCW tries really hard to keep their staff on board and around. They have social events for parents outside of school. This is a work daycare so they will not close randomly or for school vacations/summer!! We were/are at TCW for 3 years and absolutely love them. Could not recommend more highly.