Sadie LaSalle

My daughter is 4 and is currently enrolled in the preschool 1 room. She can be very shy and untrusting. However, during these past 6 months she has gone from crying every time I leave to almost never. My little girl has also developed a larger vocabulary. I notice her oral sentence structures have gotten longer and more detailed. It’s hard to believe I had a li’l one who didn’t want to write or learn her ABC’S, now she is extra excited to use her alphabet magnets at home as well as her writing notebook. My daughter has also learned socialization skills that have helped her make new friends. Ms. Jezamin, Ms Sarah, Ms. Laura and Mr. Kevin are nothing short of outstanding with my daughter. Abbie-Jo and Tracey have met all of my concerns on a daily basis. I love this school but more importantly, my daughter loves it. I can’t wait to see how she grows towards the end of the year. Thank you so much TCW!