Miranda Costa

Miranda Costa

My kids LOVE The Children’s Workshop! They have the fun bus that comes and a yoga instructor that teaches the kids different activities along with their day to day actions of learning through play!! I love the app that they share that the teachers post pictures of the kids throughout the day so I

Dina Fortes

My separation anxiety preschooler just started here 2 moths ago. He had just a few words and is already more vocal. The director Jessica is beyond awesome!!! The teachers are outstanding!!! There is family engagement, learning, field trips, everything you can want in preparing your child for kinderg

Tammi Carvalho

My daughter went there when she was 2 and now again at 4 she loves it and all the teachers are awesome especially Miss Ashley and Miss Meredith and can’t forget Miss Sharon in the toddler room. They are whom I’ve dealt with so that’s why i pointed them out but everyone there at the