TCW Highlighted for Role in EHS Partnership

The Children’s Workshop had the honor of being highlighted in a recent article from Headstart- Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center. You can read the full article here

“Tanya Pierce, Center Director at The Children’s Workshop, remembers the development process as a ‘genuine opportunity to share my ideas and expertise to be heard and valued in a process that was going to make an impact for the children and families in our community. It was a real chance for all of us to put everything on the table and work through it together.’ When asked why she thought partners were able to come together in such an authentic, collaborative spirit, Tanya reported that having the vision of making a difference in communities across the state was really inspiring and allowed people to come together with a new sense of optimism.‘ Tanya and Aimee both agreed that the process of developing the grant was time intensive, with a lot of meetings and discussions. That investment, however, enabled partners to see their contributions in the end product, inspiring a joint commitment to the work across the Partnership.” 

For the full article, please visit the ECLKC site here!