TCW Celebrates the Week of the Young Child – Download some at home activities!

Each year, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (also known as NEAYC) celebrates young children by sponsoring the Week of the Young Child during the month of April. The purpose of this week is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families. Also, this week recognizes early childhood programs, services, and educators that work with young children. Perhaps even more importantly, the Week of the Young Child celebrates the joy and wonder of young children, and the gifts of energy, exuberance, and thirst for learning they exhibit throughout their early years.

The WYOC was fist established in 1971 (recognizing birth through age 8). The main focus for the WOYC is to create awareness that the early years of a child’s life truly lay the foundation for their future success in school and life. Ultimately, this special week is an opportunity for community members, families, and teachers, to come together to develop, improve, and sustain high quality services to meet the needs of all young children.

Today more than ever, we know how important and critical a child’s first years of life are for the remainder of their development. It is extremely important that all children and all families are able to experience the same set of high quality early learning experiences. It is our responsibility as citizens of one nation to commit ourselves to the needs of young children in order to shape our future society.

This year, the WYOC will be celebrated from April 16 – 20th.

In the spirit of the week we have prepared 5 take home activites to celebrate with your child!  You can download these here:

Have fun with these activities all week and don’t forget to share your creativity to INSPIRE others. #woyc18 #NurtureTeachInspire

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