Part I Jason Hoyle – Rumford RI School Director

Outstanding Men at The Children’s Workshop

Our children are surrounded by women in early childhood and education. With approximately only 3% of men working in pre-elementary education all over the world [1] the workforce in childcare, daycare and early ed settings is predominantly female. There are so many questions as to why there is such a

THIS BITES! Why Do Toddlers Bite?

Many parents or guardians get very frustrated when their child is affected by biting – whether because their child is biting others or their child is the one getting bitten. While it can be distressing, parents should not worry too much about biting; it is not abnormal. There are reasons why child

Foster a Love of Reading in your Preschool Child

Young children need a variety of skills to become successful readers. The 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress indicates that only one-third of our nation’s fourth graders have the proficient reading skills necessary to complete their school work successfully. Research shows that child

Easy & Healthy Snacks for Kids

It seems impossible at times to plan and pack healthy snacks for our kids. It is so much easier to just throw in a bag of crackers, right? Our lives are so busy with packed schedules full of soccer game practices, dance recitals, family gatherings, and appointments, it is a struggle to get dinner on

Congressman Cicilline Hosts Roundtable at The Children’s Workshop

Congressman David Cicilline Hosts Childcare Roundtable at The Children’s Workshop Congressman David Cicilline visited The Children’s Workshop in Lincoln, Rhode Island to sit down with numerous early childhood professionals and discuss childcare affordability. For more information, click

Choosing the Right Child Care Provider for Your Family

When you decide it is time for your child to attend an early learning center, the process of selecting the right one can be incredibly difficult and sometimes stressful. Many parents struggle with choices such as whom to trust, what type of care environment is best, where the care-giver should be lo

Helping Children Cope with Disasters, Tragedies, and Tough Times

When disaster strikes – whether it’s an act of nature, a school shooting, or a personal loss such as a death in the family or divorce – we all feel the stress and effects. Young children are particularly vulnerable to these types of events because they may not understand or fully comprehend wh

April Vacation

Make the Most of Your April Vacation With April vacation quickly approaching, it’s time to think of some fun family activities that you can do during the week off from school. This week can be very important to relax, have some fun, and get ready for that final push toward the end of the school [&