Supporting Local Farmers

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Farmers have been around for centuries.  When you support your local farmers you are helping them to continue providing fresh produce to you and your family. Did you know that it takes between 4-7 days for produced to be delivered to your supermarkets about 1,500 miles they travel before you get it to your table?  When produce sits for long periods of time, they lose some of their nutrients and the starches can turn into sugar. So how can you support your local farmers in your community?  Here are some ideas……

Community Support:     You can support your local farmers by purchasing CSA (community support agriculture box) you can purchase subscriptions to your local farm and in turn you will receive a box, bag, or basket of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.  They are fresh, usually something you wouldn’t buy normally for your family.  This is a fun way to have healthy fun food throughout the summer season.  Your children might surprise you and eat something different.

Shopping at your local farmers market:     Farmers markets are one of the oldest ways of selling produce and other products such as flowers and fish.  Farmers markets usually sell their fresh produce two times a week at the same public location.  Some farmers markets sell crafts, soaps, and have entertainment.  This is a great way to buy fresh tomatoes, potatoes, and to try new vegetables.  You will help support your local farmer as well as getting farm fresh vegetables that are only a couple of days old and still full of nutrients.

Things to keep in mind:       Don’t head to the local farmers market with a shopping list. Instead go with an open mind.  You don’t have to jump in and buy a ton of new things. Make it small, try a few new things that will just get you through a couple of dinners.  Next time try something new.  Or if what you bought is there you can purchase it again.  Eat what is in season.  It is sweatier, flavorful and taste so good.  You can also get what is in season and try canning. Such as tomatoes; make your favorite sauce and eat fresh sauce all winter long. Same with blueberries, spread out on wax paper and cookie sheet. Within a couple of hours they will be frozen.  Put in plastic baggies and enjoy all winter or use for pies.

Farmers have devoted their life and time to producing products for you, your family, and local markets.  Make sure when you pass a local farmers market this season, stop, get out and try something new. Farmers wouldn’t be farmers without your continued support.   You might just surprise yourself and shop their all season long.

Resources:   Thrive, Farmers market association


Tracy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Early Childhood education from the University of RI.   Besides overseeing sites she has also managed successful fundraisers including golf tournaments, developed and given countless training sessions, and served on boards and committees.  Tracy is currently one of the faces of The Children’s Workshop appearing on segments of “The Modern Parent” on Fox Providence’s morning television show, The Rhode Show.  In her role, Tracy enjoys most supporting and helping the staff, families, and children she works with every day. When she is not working, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and spending time with her husband and children.