Starting a Family

Although not all families wish to bring children into the world, some do wish to raise children.  Whichever type if family you have or wish to have, there are certainly some things to know and learn as you become a parent.  You may consider conceiving a child naturally or adopting; whichever way you plan to grow your family, it is important to consider a variety of topics before raising children.  Here are some helpful tips as you begin this exciting journey! This segment was featured on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Why do I wish to expand my family?

Bringing children into the world is hard work, although rewarding.  Have you and your family thought this decision through?  Have you weight the pros and cons, and considered all possible obstacles that could come into play?

Am I financially ready to have children?

Bringing children into the world means additional expenses to your family’s budget.  Be sure to prepare and plan for added fixed and unexpected expenses.  Prior to having children, it might be a good idea to reassess your budget and realize there are some things you may no longer be able to affort. 

How will having children change my lifestyle?

Having a child can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you might experience in you life.  However, it is important to remember that once you have children, your family dynamic and lifestyle.  You will find your time is spent differently, and you may have less time for other things.  However, you will feel more confident, and grow and mature as an adult. 

What does my support system look like?

Caring for children can be exciting and   wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful.  If you and your spouse or partner both have to work, or if you are raising your child alone and have to work full time, who will help you care for your child?   Do you have friends and family close by that you can trust to help you   take care of your child?  If you were to fall ill, would there be someone to help you with  your child? 

Will I need childcare?

Childcare is something all future parents should think of as they begin to have children.  It is essential to arrange for care well before your child is born, if needed.  At the Children’s Workshop, we focus our efforts on always putting families first, and creating a community that is family oriented.

If child care is something you will be in need of, you may wish to start with touring schools prior to the arrival of your child.  What do will you value most as a future parent?  What are you looking for in a child care facility?  How do the values and philosophies  of the program align with your own viewpoints? 

Considering how often you will need care, what your budget is, the location of a center are also important factors to consider as you prepare to have your child.

How will we adjust?

The truth is, no real amount of planning can prepare you for the joy of raising children.  It might be a long, bumpy ride at times, but it is full of learning opportunities for growth and improvement.  Being a parent is all about being flexible, and accepting the fact that you might have to let go and take a “figure it out as you go along” type of an approach. 

As your child enters the world, everyone adjusts.  Schedules and routines change, which can feel unsettling.  Be open and remaining calm during this time is important for everyone’s health and well being. 

At the end of the day, know that being a parent is one of life’s biggest blessings.  Enjoy the ride!