Spend Quality Time with Mom this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is May 10th this year.  It is a time to recognize the wonderful presence of the female caregivers in our lives. It is a time to get creative and give back to the women that spend each day selflessly caring for us.  There are many creative ways to show moms, grandmothers and those important women exactly how we feel.  It is not just for children, either.  Children learn to respect and honor their mothers on Mother’s Day, and it is a positive trait they can take with them into adulthood. 

The time children spend with their mothers is important no matter the age or situation.  But it is not about the amount of time that children spend; it is based on the quality of the time.  Most families exist with both parents working. With that comes the stresses of finding quality time to spend with their children aside from the commute, the drop offs and other things on the calendar.  But finding that time to spend with children is beneficial for everyone no matter the amount of time that can fit in the busy lifestyles of families.  

This Mother’s Day, think about what we can do with our mothers instead of how long we spend.  Something as simple as going out to dinner or catching a movie can be beneficial with any amount of hours spent together.  The women in our lives and in our children’s lives that make the world great deserve our time and our love and it is important that we recognize them at any time of year. Use this day to do something extra special.  For those helping children with this holiday, think of gifts or things to do that really bring the appreciation to the forefront. 

Here are some ideas for things to do or make for mom this May 10th!

· Go to a familiar place that is enjoyable for the whole family like the zoo, an amusement park or something out of the ordinary. There is not a mom around that wouldn’t love any quality time with their children and families doing almost anything!

· Go to the park and spend an entire day without the distractions of technology or work.

· Make a scrapbook of events (or start one!) that is updated with all of the things you do with mom.

· Write a story or a poem, put it in a frame and give it as a keepsake.

· For those helping children, have them decide what they want to make and let them do most of the work.  It will be heartfelt and entirely original.


This blog was written by Mark Sullivan. Mr. Mark has been a Certified Teacher at The Children’s Workshop since 2011. He has worked at five different locations in all classrooms. Mark is pursuing his certifications for Lead Teacher and Director as well as his degree in Education and Management. He lives in Providence, RI.