Relieve Holiday Stress with a Little Appreciation

Now that we are gearing up for the holiday season, our stress levels might be excellerating too.  It’s easy to focus on all we have to do and how little time we have to do it in. I find when I start to feel overwhelmed what brings me back to the present moment is focusing on something or someone to appreciate.

Over the weekend, I ran into one of our children from the center I work in. She was with her family and they were getting ready to make gingerbread cookies at the local library. What a pleasure it was talk to her for a few minutes out of our usual environment. I appreciate that I live and work in the same community where I can connect with the children from our center.

I read an article on appreciation that said how we often don’t appreciate our co-workers, family and friends. We sometimes appreciate what someone has done:

Thank’s for doing the dishes. 

You did an excellent job on the renovation.

Great dancing!

We often forget to appreciate the person behind the doing….who they are being.

I appreciate how thoughtful you were when I was upset this morning.

You have a very generous heart and I am glad you are my friend.

Thanks for being so silly and playful.

I know a little authentic appreciation goes along way in making me feel good whether I am receiving or giving it. 

For all the teachers who might be needing a little appreciation, a poem for you:

Wonderful Teacher

A wonderful teacher, understood me so well,
Helped me up, whenever I fell.
Even when I made a big mistake,
You said we learn, the more we make.

Your smile has always been very kind,
You challenged me to expand my mind.
Obstacles I faced, in me you believe,
You always told me, I could achieve.

When I needed help, you took the time,
You never gave up, no matter the climb.
Thank you so much, for showing me the way,
I simply don't know, how I could repay.



If you’d like another way to appreciate, try hanging this up in and share the love.

Free Compliments

Enjoy spreading the appreciation!


Dawn has been a a Teacher at the Children's Workshop in Warren, RI since 2011. She enjoys creating a safe space for the infants to play, learn and grow. She is passionate about honoring and respecting each child's individuality and uniqueness. Dawn loves to dance! West Coast swing is her favorite dance. Her life long goal is to continue making the world a happy place to live.