Summer Programs

Fun for Kids, Convenient for Families!

Would you rather your child spend the summer doing the same, played out routine at a boring camp, or would you rather they go on weekly field trips and make lifelong friends and lasting memories? At The Children’s Workshop, we believe that a summer of fun and learning is a summer well spent. We have an amazing summer planned and we can’t wait for it to begin! We understand how important it is for your child to have a fun, active summer and that’s why we have a calendar full of exciting activities based on educational themes that change every two weeks!

Our students go on field trips, play sports, explore communities, create works of art, swim, play, and learn all summer.  We know you’re not looking for an afternoon babysitter; your child deserves so much more than that. The staff at The Children’s Workshop are highly qualified educators who specialize in creating fun and lasting memories for children of all ages!

Suns Out Smiles

So, what does Summer at TCW look like?


Social & Emotional Development

Within the first two weeks of our Summer Program, we will promote play, positive self awareness, sense of community, and interactions with others. The first two weeks of Summer at TCW will be focused on introductions of campers, the program, and staff! We will also focus on our surrounding communities and learn about our service learning project for the summer! All activities, field trips, and on-site enrichment programs differ from location to location, so be sure to contact the location nearest you for details!

Physical Development

The Physical Development domain is all about lifestyles! We are so excited to explore sports of all sorts and healthy lifestyles during the third and fourth weeks of Summer at TCW. For each age group, a summer and age-based curriculum has been carefully constructed to ensure campers get the most out of their summer experience! We believe that the best way to learn and have fun whilst doing it is through play, and that is exactly what these two weeks will consist of! Each location has something special planned, so be sure to check out their respective pages!

Artistic Development

Art is such a broad topic, but it’s one that captures so many unique, beautiful categories; theater, dramatic arts, music, dance, and painting to name a few. The sky is the limit when exploring the arts! Field trips during these two weeks range from Children’s Museums to the Recycle Center and more! We believe in limitless possibilities, which is why we have such an action-packed summer planned!

Cognitive Development

From STEAM activities to building structures from different materials, learning does not have to stop once summer begins! Some TCW locations will have these two weeks focused on space exploration and the Earth, while others may focus more on technology or science. It is important to call or email your local TCW to see what they have planned!


Language & Literacy Development

Did you know there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today and almost 130 million books? Learning about different cultures through language and literacy is so much fun! We have field trips planned ranging from museums to libraries and more! We will also explore different books, authors, cultures, customs, and languages during these two weeks!

Summer at TCW begins on June 24th!

Check with your local TCW location to see what they have planned.  Whether it’s a week of sports, theater, science or art, our activities are designed to enhance your child’s development. At TCW, kids can have not only a fun, enjoyable summer, but an educational one as well! Don’t get locked into a 9-5 camp schedule, come to TCW’s summer program where you can pick your own hours!

We’re gearing up for a great summer, but it won’t be complete without you and your family! Come see what our summer adventures are all about!

To reserve your child’s place this summer, please call The Children’s Workshop location nearest to you. Space is limited and enrollments are taken on a first come, first serve basis.

Don't wait to make your child's summer great!

  • The Children’s Workshop is committed to providing a safe place for your children to learn and develop social skills with other children their age. However, we do not feel that only providing for safety and basic needs is enough. We create enriching programs that your children can use in their everyday lives. Our curriculum takes an active approach to creating engaging educational experiences with real life scenarios that provide emotional context.
  • We are so much more than a "day care" service that simply provides supervision for your children. Rather, we are a child care organization focused on wellness, learning, and fun. Our doors remain open year round even through inclement weather and holidays, providing back up care for parents when you need it most.
  • Along with having an iPad in every classroom, we have an extraordinary Parent Communication App that our teachers use daily to relay information and send pictures to family members, send newsletters, and track developmental progress for each child’s portfolio! With this application, parents/guardians are able to opt into email or text alerts and they can receive any information, instantaneously, about their child and their child’s school day.
  • Teachers and staff can tag daily pictures with our Developmental Domains (Social/Emotional, Physical, Artistic, Cognitive, and Language/Literacy) and are then able to communicate with the parents/guardians by adding captions or sending quick little notes.
  • Families LOVE this feature and we’re utilizing it more and more each day! We are so excited to be able to communicate with our families throughout the day and to show them what their children are learning each day.
  • For more information about our Parent Communication, please visit our Family Communication page or contact the Director of the school you are interested in learning more about!
  • We're not a large company with a cookie-cutter approach. Each of our programs is unique and designed to reflect the community it serves. We utilize The Children's Workshop Curriculum Framework, a research and evidence-based curriculum created by our education team. The framework provides enough flexibility to be tailored to your child's interests, which we know can change daily, and the needs of our families.
  • We pride ourselves on providing children and their families throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a high-quality child care facility for learning. We are committed to providing excellence in education for young children. We opened our first center in 1990, and we have since grown to nearly 20 learning centers. Our main objective is to ensure excellent programs, dedicated caregivers, and classrooms that are warm and inviting. We invite you to learn more about our programs and to become part of our family "where learning is child's play!"
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