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We recognize the importance of establishing a safe and comfortable environment where school age children can learn, discover, and grow.

Here at The Children’s Workshop, we recognize the importance of establishing a safe and comfortable environment where school age children can learn, discover, and grow. Our curriculum is varied and developed by top teaching professionals. We also provide transportation to and from the local schools, with caring staff to assure your child is supervised at all times while riding the bus.

The fun and learning doesn’t stop when the school year ends, as we also offer summer vacation programs, which include educational field trips and more. We take pride in creating a high-energy, engaging environment that both parents and children love.

Our School Age programs offer a Safe and Secure Environment before and after school


Our School Age programs offer a safe and secure environment before and after school, while still providing a “cool” place for children to socialize. Children can choose from daily enrichment activities or relax with friends in a play-based environment. We offer board games, Xboxes, an afternoon snack, art projects, board games, and much more. Our School Age teachers prioritize education, which is why they always help the students with homeworks after school.

We provide transportation to and from area public schools and we own our vehicles and provide staff to supervise children while on the bus. Some of our schools are even bus stops for local schools!

Not only do we offer before and after school care, but our school also offers programs during school breaks, including vacation weeks in December, February, and April. During school vacation, we provide full day programs, which include breakfast, hot lunch, and snacks. Our school often plans field trips and other exciting events to make your child’s school vacation a special one.

Why Choose The Children's Workshop School Age Program:

  • A friendly, play-based environment that encourages positive social interactions
  • We have affordable, lower rates than any other programs in the area
  • Homework time and homework assistance
  • Children make and keep friends from all across the community, not just their school
  • Community service projects such as cleaning local parks or collecting food for a food bank
  • An environment designed for exploration of new skills such as cooking or a new sport
  • Involvement in long-term projects such as writing and performing a play or planting a garden
  • The Children’s Workshop is committed to providing a safe place for your children to learn and develop social skills with other children their age. However, we do not feel that only providing for safety and basic needs is enough. We create enriching programs that your children can use in their everyday lives. Our curriculum takes an active approach to creating engaging educational experiences with real life scenarios that provide emotional context.
  • We are so much more than a "day care" service that simply provides supervision for your children. Rather, we are a child care organization focused on wellness, learning, and fun. Our doors remain open year round even through inclement weather and holidays, providing back up care for parents when you need it most.
  • Along with having an iPad in every classroom, we have an extraordinary Parent Communication App that our teachers use daily to relay information and send pictures to family members, send newsletters, and track developmental progress for each child’s portfolio! With this application, parents/guardians are able to opt into email or text alerts and they can receive any information, instantaneously, about their child and their child’s school day.
  • Teachers and staff can tag daily pictures with our Developmental Domains (Social/Emotional, Physical, Artistic, Cognitive, and Language/Literacy) and are then able to communicate with the parents/guardians by adding captions or sending quick little notes.
  • Families LOVE this feature and we’re utilizing it more and more each day! We are so excited to be able to communicate with our families throughout the day and to show them what their children are learning each day.
  • For more information about our Parent Communication, please visit our Family Communication page or contact the Director of the school you are interested in learning more about!
  • We're not a large company with a cookie-cutter approach. Each of our programs is unique and designed to reflect the community it serves. We utilize The Children's Workshop Curriculum Framework, a research and evidence-based curriculum created by our education team. The framework provides enough flexibility to be tailored to your child's interests, which we know can change daily, and the needs of our families.
  • We pride ourselves on providing children and their families throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a high-quality child care facility for learning. We are committed to providing excellence in education for young children. We opened our first center in 1990, and we have since grown to nearly 20 learning centers. Our main objective is to ensure excellent programs, dedicated caregivers, and classrooms that are warm and inviting. We invite you to learn more about our programs and to become part of our family "where learning is child's play!"
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