Thinking, discovering and creating – Preschool and Pre-K children are active learners, full of questions and enthusiasm for acquiring new information and skills.

They are capable of expressing their feelings and needs in many ways through art, science, music, dramatic play, and construction. At The Children’s Workshop, we want to encourage this kind of interactive learning while building a solid foundation for continued education.

Our Preschool and Pre-K programs provide many opportunities for children to meet with success on a daily basis. Preschool and Pre-K are important steps in preparing for kindergarten, and our programs support children’s natural curiosity, enthusiasm, and optimism for learning and new experiences. Our goal is to provide a warm environment where children develop a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem. We help children to become independent, self confident and inquisitive learners. Children at this age are very observant and pay close attention to details. They enjoy being challenged and are very proud of their accomplishments. Our curriculum is designed to work with the natural inclinations of preschool children to foster learning through creative play and prepare children both emotionally and academically to enter Kindergarten with confidence and enthusiasm to learn.

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We build on your children’s Natural Desire to learn

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Preschool/ Pre-K Curriculum

Individual Needs

Teachers dedicated to encouraging children to become, independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners by planning activities in accordance with a preschoolers interest and skills

Daily Communication

Photos and messages are sent throughout the week to provide peace of mind, these photos are also used to learning standards to create a portfolio that will track a preschoolers learning progress


Small group activities that encourage sharing and team work, teacher directed learning experiences, and one-on-one learning experience that focus on the different learning domains

Safe Environments

Safe and nurturing environments designed to encourage natural curiosity


Focus on early language and literacy play based learning activities, which include letter recognition and pre-writing skills and strengthening skills needed to express feelings and needs


Hands on multi-sensory experiences, indoor and outdoor physical play for gross motor development, math awareness, science exploration and observations, creative expression, and classroom community development