You want the best for your baby and so do we.

We appreciate how very important these early years are in your child’s development. At this very early stage, babies show an incredible sense of curiosity to explore the world around them. We support this discovery through music, colors, and many age appropriate toys. We create an environment that is full of love and care to ensure that your baby feels secure to explore and gets lots of attention.

Current research shows that when we give very young children warm and responsive care – at home and at child care – we help shape their future development and ability to learn. The Children’s Workshop’s teachers are trained in infant development and know how to provide the love and nurturing that infants need. In our Infant program, there is no predetermined group schedule, but rather a relaxed pace which is based on the individual needs and emerging abilities of the children. Teachers take their cues from the children when planning daily activities.

We keep you informed daily of the very important developmental progress your child is making. Our first priority in the infant program is to develop the self-esteem and confidence that young children gain from being in a loving, caring environment.

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We help shape their future development and ability to learn.


Infant Curriculum

Individual Needs

Teachers dedicated to meeting the individual needs & schedules of each infant

Daily Communication

Electronic daily notes to track, meals, sleep and diapers. Photos are sent throughout the day to provide peace of mind


Small group activities, one-on-one learning experiences, tummy time and floor play

Safe Environments

Safe & nurturing spaces that can be explored by infants without restriction using all senses


Encouraging early language development through descriptions of what is happening


We develop a monthly curriculum for each infant student, provide opportunities for positive social interactions, and support growth in all learning domains