Back Up Care

For one day or many, we are here for you!

Do you need a solution when your current caregiver is unavailable, sick, or an unexpected snow day comes up or maybe you just need a flexible schedule? Then backup care can be a perfect solution for you! It’s easy, affordable, flexible and just what a working parent needs when they just can’t miss that important meeting.

Plan ahead by contacting your nearest Children’s Workshop School


To begin your visit

Each school has a security code to enter the facility. As a family attending for backup care, our school management or staff will meet your family at the door to assist you in accessing the building and answer any questions.
If possible, plan a little extra time with your child to assure they are comfortable in a new environment. Some children adjust quickly, while others may take a little time. There may be paperwork to finalize upon your arrival (just a signature here or there).


What to bring

Schools are active environments, and a full day can include singing, painting, playing indoors and out, and eating. As such, we recommend easy fitting, comfortable, washable clothes and shoes. Providing an extra set of clothes, (including undergarments) and a sweater or sweatshirt is also recommended. For children, not yet potty trained, please provide diapers, wipes, and topical ointment as we know each family has their preference on those items. Your child may bring a blanket or special soft toy, for rest time only for toddler and
older classrooms.


Most schools offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks; however, meal service may vary from school to school. Infant families have a variety of food preferences. Typically, we require that you bring all food for infants until they are able to eat table food. Individual bottles for each feeding are required and should be labeled with the date, first name and last name clearly visible. Please check the school’s webpage for more details on the menu. To accommodate food allergies, schools may restrict which food items are served or brought into the

Going home

Please inform anyone listed on your backup care enrollment agreement that they will be asked to verify their identity when coming to pick up your child. Even you, being new to the school, may be asked by staff members who haven’t met you previously. Staff will ask for government-issued photo ID. We know you’ll feel more secure and confident as a result.

We appreciate your choosing us for this backup care visit. Please do not hesitate to let our school management know how the visit went and if there are any further questions you have.