Parent-Teacher Communication

Research shows that when parents are actively involved and engaged in their child’s education, children are more successful.  Positive, meaningful parent-teacher relationships help children feel good about school and establish the foundation for your child success.  In order to make this relationship work each year, effective communication is key. Miss Heather discussed this topic on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

What makes communication effective?

  • Parents need information about what children are learning in school – check out your school’s website, check your child’s folder daily, subscribe to the school’s listserv
  • Teachers need feedback – be sure your teacher knows who your child is, his/her strengths and weaknesses.  Ask questions, email the teacher regularly, or, request parent-teacher conferences.
  • Approach situations with respect, avoid a confrontational approach – how can you and the teacher solve problems together?  Brainstorm and collaborate!

How does The Children’s Workshop Promote Parent/Teacher Communication?

At The Children’s Workshop, we know relationships are the foundation of our child’s success, and effective communication is one of our top priorities, because families always come first.  Our approach to communicating with you effectively utilizes an inclusive, accessible approach.  Here’s how we promote communication with our awesome families:

  • Kaymbu App – Our use of this new technology allows our teachers to take photographs of your child and send them to you on a daily basis, our teachers are also able to send daily notes and updates about your child’s progress.  Kaymbu creates a unique archive of all of your child’s memorable moments at The Children’s Workshop!
  • Facebook – Be sure to “like” our public page to learn about the latest news, access parenting resources, and much more!
  • Private Facebook Pages – Some of our schools have even created private groups for parents only.  Here, we can share information, announce event dates, share updates, etc.
  • Daily Sheets – Know what your child has eaten for the day, learn highlights of the day, and even see how long your child took a nap with our daily sheets provided to you at the end of your child’s day at The Children’s Workshop!
  • Parent Committee – Maybe you like more of a face to face, interactive type of an approach!  Be sure to learn about your school’s Parent Committee, which usually meets on a quarterly basis.  This opportunity provides you with a format to learn about your child’s school, volunteer your time, an ask questions. And of course, we provide you with childcare!
  • Daily Conversations­ – At The Children’s Workshop, we have the opportunity to see you each and every day at drop off and pick up!  Step into your child’s classroom, see information on the Parent Information Board, and ask your child’s teacher questions!  We love to communicate with parents each and every day!

Other Social Media Outlets – You will also find general information, parenting resources, and activities to do with your kiddos on our Instagram and SnapChat accounts!  Looking for a possible career in our field?  Find us on LinkedIn, too!

This article was written by Heather Grocott, Director of Training and Education at The Children’s Workshop.