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Not only are we updating the inside of the building, we are also changing the playground spaces.  These next few photographs show the before and after images.  Much of what the children did in the Toddler playground included digging in the sand and getting messy.  I was concerned about what the children would do once the ground of the playground was converted to “grass”.  However, I need not have feared.  As soon as the children went out onto the new surface I asked them, “what are you going to do?  The response- “Mow the grass!”


The toddler playground has had a much needed sprucing up and looks great!      



In the older kid playground
we added a beautiful new
climbing structure.  This
involved digging up some
of the old concrete.     




The children loved watching the diggers and dump trucks at work.  They stood by the windows along with the teachers to watch for a good part of the day.  It was like watching a show and it was so much fun to see the progress unfold before our eyes.



Have a great week, everyone!