North Kingstown Construction Blog









The toddler area upstairs
is finished!      






Construction began down-
stairs in our Preschool and 
Pre-K space.  The half walls
were removed and the new
full wall began to go up.     



We also added several windows to the space to let more natural sunlight in.  This window is nice and low to let the kids peer out and see the world outside.


The floors were stripped and waxed and turned out beautiful- we were very impressed.

Now that the structural space is completed we needed to get some new furniture in.  Lakeshore supplied us with new tables and chairs, cubbies, toys and art supplies.  We moved our extensive library back into the space as well as the toys we had kept from before.    


The entrance areas got a touch up too, and were re-painted and re-landscaped.  Sparkly, sparkly and oh so inviting.  Hopefully they say, “please come visit us.”




Have a great week, everyone!