Modern Parent Q&A

As a parent, you’re going to have so many questions regarding your child’s safety, education, and social life. Here at The Children’s Workshop, we try to help answer any of those questions you may have! Once a month on The Rhode Show, our experts take questions from our students’ parents and we answer them on air. Watch our latest Modern Parent Q&A here.

“I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself by looking already, but when is the right time to start looking into summer camps and programs for my children?”

  • – Anytime is a good time to start asking about camps and start looking! Day camps and childcare facilities tend to fill up quickly.
  • – You want to jot down a few places that you are interested in and go by to visit.
  • Have a list of questions ready such as:
  • – How is your philosophy integrated into your programs?
  • – What is your teacher to child ratio?  (Which means how many children per adult.)
  • – Are there back ground checks on staff?
  • – Are they trained to be with children?

Having questions ready will help you decide where you would like your child (children) to attend.​

“My friends have children who are already involved in sports and they’re only 3 years old. Is that too soon or should I have started my kids already, also?”

  • – The best thing to keep in mind is that toddlers/preschoolers are just starting to master movements.  Such as running, climbing, catching and swimming. 
  • – You want your child to be able to master activities and succeed/not to get frustrated.  More free play activities such as tumble class and running activities are good at this age.

– 6-9 years old generally do well at gymnastics, soccer, t-ball, swimming, etc. This does not mean you can’t start your child sooner.  Every child develops at their own pace.  So just because your neighbors friend has their child in football does not mean that your child is ready, or is even interested.  Try a variety of sports in the beginning to see what peaks your child’s interest and go from there.​

“I’m concerned with the lack of time children spend playing outdoors nowadays. Is a deduction in recess time happening at all schools and if so, how can we act against it?

  • – Yes, this is true in the elementary and higher grades.
  • – If your child attends an Early Learning facility or Afterschool program, you can bet that they are still getting enough outdoor time.
  • – Check with your child’s school and ask how many times they engage in outdoor activities and ask when recess is and for how long. (Both school and Early Learning Facilities.)
  • – If you do not like the answer, join the PTA or Parent committee to voice your concerns.  You might just help the time frame of outdoor time!
  • – Another alternative is to enroll your child in an outdoor sport where they get plenty of time outside!
  • “I’d like to get to know my daughter’s potential teachers for next year and their expectations. How do I go about setting up a time to meet them?”
  • – First, if your child attends an early learning facility, speak with the Director and ask who your child’s teacher will be next year.
  • – Next, find out when the best time is to sit down with them and speak about the upcoming year.
  • If your child attends private or public school:
  • – Send an email to your current child’s teacher asking if they know how you can reach out to your child’s teacher for next year?
  • – Set up an appointment to speak with the Principal about how you can meet your child’s teacher for the following year.
  • – Most public schools do not know the next year teacher until mid-summer, so this may not be easy in public/private school.
  • – If your child has an IEP you may find out early who their teacher will be.

If your child attends an early learning facility you do get spoiled knowing all the teachers and personal in the building because you pick up and drop off or at least one of the two. When your child attends elementary school, the parent to teacher face-to-face tends to dwindle.  Try to keep the line of communication open, ask questions, and be involved and you just might find your answers out sooner than you thought you could.

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