Local Children donate over 100 lbs of Halloween Candy to American Soldiers Serving Overseas!

CUMBERLAND, RI (November 18, 2010) – The Children's Workshop, Inc, a local child care and early education provider, encouraged the children from it's fifteen MA and RI schools to donate a portion of their Halloween candy to send to the troops. The kids delivered! About 105.8 lbs of it in fact!

The company encouraged families to swap Halloween candy for a children's book in the hopes of exchanging cavities and sugar induced hyperactivity for learning, literacy, and charitable giving. The program was very well received with families from all fifteen Children's Workshop schools participating. East Greenwich Director Kelly Hogan commented, "The candy-swap is a big hit! I gave out all my books and parents are donating full bags of store bought candy now to send overseas with the candy the children donated!"

Several children gave far more than thirty pieces and as in the case of one school age child in Bourne, MA some gave all of their Halloween collections knowing that the candy would be sent overseas to American soldiers. Five large boxes containing over 105 pounds of candy were shipped; three directly to an Army unit at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan and two large boxes to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit that sends care packages to United States service members deployed overseas.

For more information about Operation Gratitude, please visit www.opgratitude.com and for more information about The Children's Workshop, visit www.childrensworkshop.com.