Helpful Apps for Parents

There’s no doubt that we certainly live in a technologically savvy and advanced “world.”  We have constant access to our email and social media via cell phones and tablet devices.  As parents, we also have busy schedules, and are often faced with managing and juggling multiple schedules while multi-tasking the daily events of our lives.  Have you ever felt swamped and defeated amongst all the chaos?!  Try using technology to save you from the all the mumbo jumbo!  From managing your pregnancy to organizing your photo library, you can find an app for just about anything to help you stay organized! Miss Heather discussed this topic live on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Apps for Budgeting & Shopping

Budgeting is time consuming, especially when you have children.  It is also something that no one really “enjoys.”  Using apps to budget your household finances, childcare expenses, and any other expenses can help you stay organized and live within your means, regardless of where you are!

Apps like “Zulilly” also help you save money shopping for necessary items for your kiddo – be sure to always be on the lookout for great deals and pricing on all of your necessities!

Many retailers such as Target also have apps available to use while you shop in their stores to help you save even MORE money!

Art & Photos

We all love taking photos of our children, and we love when our kids come home from school with artwork.  Keeping track of photos on your phone can become a dilemma, however, try creating a private Instagram account to store photos of your children.  Or, if you’re interested in sharing photos to just a small network of friends and family, try downloading an app like “Tweek a Boo” which allows you to share photos socially to a closed group.

Looking to archive your child’s artwork without creating clutter?  Try “Art Kive,” an app specially designed to store photos of your child’s artwork!

Apps for Chores & Behavior

Use technology to reward your child’s toilet training successes with the “Pull Ups Big Kid App” or, “Potty Chart,” create chore charts, and keep track of positive behavior all using an app!  Also, download the “Time Timer” app to help your child manage time – a visual way for your child to understand when “time’s up!”


Don’t have one of those fancy sound machines?  Did you know that there are apps available such as “Magic Sleep” or “White Noise” that play sounds similar to those your baby hears in the womb?  You can also find other apps with lullaby music, etc.  Many sleep apps also have an option for you to record the amount of time your baby or child sleeps each night.

Education and Games

Kill time in the waiting room at the pediatrician’s office by keeping fun apps on your phone that are educational for your kiddos – from learning shapes and colors to adding and subtracting, you will be sure to find something appropriate and educational for your little one.

Lists and Organization

Convenient apps such as “Baby Pack & Go,” allow you to create specialized lists for all sorts of occasions such as travel, sleepovers, childcare, lunch bags, etc.  You are able to store, organize, and edit your lists at any time, avoiding having to make a list each time you need to pack your child to go somewhere!

Health & Fitness

Don’t have time to go to the gym?  With a little research, you can find apps for healthy eating recipes, daily yoga exercises, or 20 minute cardio workouts!  Work out from home, take time for yourself, and be healthy! 

This article was written by Heather Grocott, Director of Education and Training at The Children’s Workshop, Lincoln.