Halloween Safety

Miss. Tracy shared these tips with our friends at The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Halloween is a time of year where the weather is changing, the air is brisk, and the hint of the holidays are in the air. Aside goblins, witches, and candy, Halloween should be fun and not scary. Preparing your decorations for safety and costumes for fun should be an easy task.


  • Decorating your home is just as fun as being a kid trick-or-treating; however you also need to think about the trick-or-treaters that will be coming to your door. Make sure your path and front door is free of tripping hazards, such as flower pots, pumpkins, yard ornaments, hoses etc.
  • Use other alternatives than fire to light your pumpkins, such as glow sticks or battery operated candles. Children get very excited and may not see the lighted pumpkin causing their costume to catch fire.
  • Inspect decorations from last year before putting them up. Secure yard ornaments so they do not fly away or fall down on someone. Scary is fun, but too scary will keep the trick-or-treaters away.


  • Always walk with a flashlight or glow sticks
  • Stay on paths or sidewalks
  • Under 12 year olds should be with an adult
  • 12 or older should be with friends, not by themselves
  • Wear reflective tape or clothes that are light and reflective


  • Refrain from using your cell phones, radio, or other distractions
  • Children are excited and may not see you, use caution when driving
  • Remember costumes may limit children’s visibility


  • Keep costumes short not long, this will avoid tripping hazards
  • Try not to have young children carry props, such as guns, knives, swords; someone may mistake them for the real thing. If your child does carry a prop, make sure they have soft edges, soft tips, and so on.
  • Face masks can obstruct the vision of children while walking. Try to have your child pick a costume that doesn’t require a mask or use face paint as another option.
  • Lastly, inspect all your child’s candy they receive. Any unwrapped candy throw away. Enjoy this time with your child because it goes by so fast.

Resources: Children’s Hospital and Clinics, Love to know Health, Parenting.