Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

After the holidays, it can sometimes be difficult to get your life back together and organized. This is especially true if you have kids! Here are some great tips, featured on The Rhode Show, to get 2016 off to a super start!

Make sleep a priority again
During the holidays, sleep takes a back seat. If we do not make a commitment to having healthy sleep patterns for ourselves and our entire family, it will be impossible to tackle any other New Years resolutions or life goals – we are useless if we are exhausted! So, plan accordingly. Make sure everyone in the house has a prompt bedtime that works for them, and KEEP IT CONSISTENT! Plus, getting adequate sleep helps our overall physical and mental health!

Find Peace and Quiet in Every Day
Each day, vow to yourself that you will take 10 to 15 minutes away from your busy daily routine to relax and be at peace. Our brains need “down time” each day, which helps us restore our energy and move through the rest of our day. A great goal for the new year!

Get Your Schedule in Order!
We seem to start the school year with our kids in a nice, orderly fashion with great schedules. But, by the time the New Year comes, schedules are obsolete. Take a good look at your life – what does your schedule for 2016 look like? What do you need to change? What worked well last year? What didn’t? What activities might you have to erase from your schedule? Find a central place in your home for your monthly schedule so that everyone is on the same page.

Make a Yearly Bucket List
Ever feel like the year has passed you by and you haven’t accomplished or done anything you wish to do? Find a basket, bucket, or jar, and place note cards with things you’d like to accomplish in the New Year. As you complete your tasks, take them out of the jar, and display them somewhere fun in your home so that you can see the progress you have made for the year! You can even create a bucket list for your kids!

Get Back to Eating Right!
Designate a day each week where you have “down” time to prepare meals for the week. If you prepare meals in advance, you are more likely to keep healthy and stay on track for you and your whole family.

Organize, Organize, Organize.
The New Year and time after the holidays is a great time of year to de clutter your home and re-organize! Contact a local community agency to donate your unwanted items to. Involve your whole family – what don’t we need anymore? What toys are just collecting dust? That old black dress in the corner of your closet hasn’t been worn in years – get rid of it!

Heather is the Director of The Children’s Workshop in Lincoln, RI.  She first started her journey with the TCW family in 2007 in our Smithfield location as a Kindergarten teacher.  She then entered the company’s Management in Training Program, working in several of our locations while also training staff in various areas of early childhood education. She holds a BA from Providence College in Elementary and Special Education as well as a Master’s Degree from Rhode Island College in Early Childhood Education.  Her true passion is not only working with children, but sharing knowledge with families and teachers in order to provide the best early learning experience for all young learners. She is also a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Rhode Island Childcare Director’s Association, as well as the Rhode Island College Early Childhood Advisory Board.