Fun Ideas for Beating the Winter Blues

Now that the holiday hustle and bustle has passed and the winter chill is settling in, how can we keep our kids active and engaged in activities and stop the winter blues from settling in this year. Miss. Kelli discussed this topic on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Fun outdoor activities:

  • Snow angels -How fun is it to get on the ground and make these? You can do them in patterns. One large one small, you can also count how many snow angels it takes to get across the yard.
  • Build a snowman or snow family – Dig out old clothes and hats you no longer are going to use and start to build your snow family. You can have a contest on who’s is fancier, or takes the longest to build. Either way it’s fun.
  • Ice skating – If you have never tried this or it’s been a long while since you have been on skates, what a great family memory to start. If you are skating outdoors make sure your town has checked that the ice is safe enough to skate on or go to your local ice skating rink.
  • Sledding is an old time favorite – Go on be a kid again. Its fun and your children will remember this time.
  • Snow shoeing – You can buy snow shoes for a low cost. Or you can make your own by using a card board box cutout, some small tree branches, string or rubber bands to attach to your boots, and then off to trek around, explore, and get that heartbeat up with some fresh air and exercise. If your child can walk they can snow shoe.
  • Make a luge track – Try to find snow that has been frozen if possible. The kids will carve parallel tracks in the snow. They can race acorns, spoons, rubber balls, the possibilities are endless
  • Make ice candles in the snow – Get a container filled with water. Place a small tin can inside, hold it down with some rocks. Once it has hardened into ice, place a candle in the ice sculpture to illuminate outside at night.

Creative and fun indoor activities:

  • Indoor picnic – all you need is a blanket, some board games and some fun treats.
  • Make your own bubbles. Making bubbles is easy and fun. All you need is soap and water and let the fun begin
  • Face painting – Time to get a little silly and creative at the same time. Let everyone get involved in the face painting activities. Just make sure to come up with some art work that suits all age levels and artistic talents.
  • Start Your Own Band – Use some pots, pans and utensils to play along with your favorite music.
  • Silly Putty Time – Let’s get creative and make your own silly putty.

Silly Putty Recipe:

solution of 55 Elmer’s glue solution in water
solution of 16% sodium borate (Borax) in water
food coloring (optional)
Ziploc bags
Mix together 4 parts of the glue solution with one part of the borax solution. Add food coloring, if desired. Refrigerate the mixture in the sealed bag when not in use.

Soap Crayons:

1 c Soap flakes
Food coloring
2 tb Hot water
Have one large bowl and several small bowls, one for each color. You will also need an ice cube tray with different sections, or containers to act as small molds.
Put soap flakes in a large bowl and drop the hot water into the soap flakes, stirring constantly. The mixture will be extremely thick and hard to stir.
Spoon some of the soap into each of the small bowls and color each separately, adding the color by drops until the soap has the consistency of a very thick paste.
Press spoonfuls of the soap into your molds and set the crayons in a dry place to harden. They should take a few days to a week to dry completely.
When dry, remove from the molds and allow drying for a few more days before using.
Yield: 20 Crayons

Winter Collage:

  • House hold items such as cotton balls, twigs from outside, scrap paper, scissors, magazines and glue. Let your child be the next famous artist by creating a winter master piece.
  • Trace the moon. Each night have your child get a piece of paper and draw what the moon looks like at that time. Do this each night until you have a full moon. It gets dark early so it’s easy to do this with young children. You can explore the internet about the moon and why it changes and chart the changes.

Kelli Didomenico brings over 20 years of experience to her role as Vice President of Family Engagement at The Children’s Workshop.  In her role she welcomes and supports children and families directly but also supports the company’s center Directors to encourage families to become actively involved in their child’s education through parent committees, family events, and by volunteering in our classrooms.  Additionally, she reaches out to form partnerships that enhance the services that The Children’s Workshop can provide for its families.  Kelli earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College.