Fun Activities During Winter Break

When your children are out of school for winter break, it is important to have a variety of activities planned to avoid hearing “I’m bored” throughout the break. Jon Stott spoke with The Rhode Show and offered tips on how to stay active during winter break. Watch it here!

Field Trips:

  • Kids enjoy going places, so why not use their break to take them on a variety of field trips? If you are looking for an educational outing, consider taking your children to a museum, or other hands-on exhibits where they can put their minds to work. Other outing ideas theatres, indoor swimming pools, and indoor fun centers with inflatable bounce houses and slides.

Make Homemade Gifts:

  • Before the holidays arrive, use your child’s winter break to create homemade gifts together as a family. Create a gift list and think about different items that can be made for the people on your list. Consider baking, knitting, or framing photos of your family for your loved ones with.

Bake Holiday Treats:

  • Kids of all ages enjoy helping in the kitchen. What could be more entertaining (and tasty) than making a few batches of your favorite cookies or holiday treats? From gingerbread men to chocolate fudge, baking holiday treats with your kids is a fun way to stay busy during the winter break.

Participate in Community Events:

  • Take this opportunity to discover your town. During the holiday season and especially over winter break, most communities schedule a variety of events for families in the area. Many communities offer story time with Santa, holiday parades, arts and crafts, and other types of holiday festivals.

Take a Trip:

  • If the budget allows, schedule a weekend or week-long trip during your child’s winter break. Some families escape to a local vacation spot that is close to home, while others splurge and travel further distances. By traveling during the winter months, you might be able to score a great deal on accommodations and entertainment packages.

Family Fun Nights:

  • Incorporate family fun nights into your week and plan themes accordingly. Schedule a pajama party and movie night one evening and an indoor campout, complete with a tent inside, another night. Not only will your children look forward to these nights over their winter break, these types of memories will be cherished forever.

Arts and Crafts:

  • An easy and quick way to entertain children of all ages is with arts and crafts. Keep a variety of art materials on hand that can be brought out at a moment’s notice. Let your child’s imagination be the leader and see what types of things they can make.

Jonathan Stott has been a part of The Children’s Workshop family since 2008. He is now a Teacher’s Assistant in the Pre-K classroom at our Cranston school. He was born and raised in Lincoln, RI and is an avid sports fan. He has been a volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club in Lincoln since 2010. He is currently working toward his degree in Communications from Providence College.​