Stay Connected with The Children's Workshop

Family Communication

Our Parent Communication App

The Children’s Workshop has partnered with Kaymbu to provide our families with a state of the art smartphone application! Photos, portfolios, and daily communication are sent through the app to our families, directly from our teachers!

The Children’s Workshop is on multiple Social Media sites to ensure smooth communication to not only TCW families, but our communities, as well!

All of our events and news alerts are communicated through our Facebook page, where you can also see pictures of our students in action! To visit our Facebook page, click below.

Our Instagram photos are all taken in our schools! We are so happy to be able to show our families, communities, and other early education institutions how much fun we’re having and how much we are learning on a daily basis! To visit our Instagram page, click below.

The Children’s Workshop is also on Twitter! On this platform, we are able to communicate, not only with our families, but with other early learning advocates, like NAEYC and media channels, like WPRI. We also post pictures to share with our communities! To visit our Twitter page, click below.

Our job postings and career updates can be found on our Careers page, as well as our LinkedIn page. We think it is so important to communicate with other early education professionals and to recruit the best educators we can! To visit our LinkedIn page, click below.

Pinterest is a craft-lover’s oasis! We love finding and sharing ideas for seasonal and education crafts! To visit our Pinterest page, click below.

Our Youtube channel has videos varying from tours of each facility to videos submitted by some of our locations! To visit our Youtube channel, click below.

To communicate effectively, we cover all Social Media platforms as possible. Follow or like us on any and all to see our amazing students in action and to stay up-to-date on everything TCW!