Finding Quality Care

The first few years of a child’s life are a time of intense development; it is a critical period for development of their cognitive, motor, social, emotional and language skills.  The benefits of early education programs for children ages 0-5 are innumerable!  For starters, studies have shown that children who participate in quality early learning programs are more likely to complete and succeed in grade school, less likely to get into trouble with the law, and will earn more in wages over their lifetime than those who do not.   And… the best part is – it’s fun too!

Finding Quality Child Care and Early Childhood Education

How do you know what program is best for your child? There are so many factors to consider, here are some resources that can help make your search easier.

  • Compare different types of programs to see which fits your family best with our Childcare Options Matrix
  • Evaluate different programs with this Quality Child Care Checklist
The Children’s Workshop is proud to participate in NAEYC Accreditation.  NAEYC stands for:  National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Our centers are NAEYC accredited or in the process of applying for NAEYC accreditation.

NAEYC offers Resources for Families including:

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The Differences Between Child Care and Day Care

Every parent wants what is best for their child. A major part of raising a well-developed child is properly educating them. At The Children’s Workshop, we believe that it is never too early to start building a solid academic foundation. In fact, pediatricians believe that the formative time in a child’s brain development is from the ages of 0-5 years. That is why The Children’s Workshop offers early educational child care for our students rather than day care.

There are fundamental differences in child care and day care practices. The main goal of day care is to keep the child safe. At The Children’s Workshop, we aim to keep our children safe while at the same time providing them with educational experiences. Our daily lessons occur in a nurturing and confidence-building environment, where children of all ages can learn about the world around them.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Multiple studies have shown that children who participate in early childhood learning are more likely to succeed in grade school and high school. Unlike other programs, The Children’s Workshop follows the philosophy that children are more likely to retain educational information if they are having fun while learning it. That is why our class lessons and curriculum are designed in ways that will keep our students engaged and entertained.

Parent Communication App

We have an extraordinary Parent Communication App that our teachers use daily to relay information and send pictures to family members, send newsletters, and track developmental progress for each child’s portfolio! With this application, parents/guardians are able to opt into email or text alerts and they can receive any information, instantaneously, about their child and their child’s school day.Teachers and staff can tag daily pictures with our Developmental Domains (Social/Emotional, Physical, Artistic, Cognitive, and Language/Literacy) and are then able to communicate with the parents/guardians by adding captions or sending quick little notes.Families LOVE this feature and we’re utilizing it more and more each day! We are so excited to be able to communicate with our families throughout the day and to show them what their children are learning each day.For more information about our Parent Communication App, please contact the Director of the school you are interested in learning more about!

We Are More Than A Day Care

So, if you are interested in giving your child a head start, call us today. We can answer any questions you may have and we can schedule a tour for you to see our curriculum in action!

Choosing the right child care program for your child can be very difficult. Use our Quality Child Care Checklist to help evaluate the programs you consider!