Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs at The Children’s Workshop

The Children’s Workshop offers Enrichment Programs for students – infants through school age. From categories including music and art, to science and biology, their students receive extra-curricular opportunities for educational activities. This segment was featured on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Yoga for Students

Many of our schools offer yoga for children! Yoga teaches them different techniques to relax and self regulate. As adults, we are always on the move – children have many stresses throughout their day, as well. Yoga gives them a chance to breath and relax, much like adults who participate in yoga.

Sports for Young Children

Knucklebones, which is a sports program for our infants through school age students, gives them much needed gross motor development and coordination skills, as well as a sense of community and team. Tumblebus is a mobile gymnastics studio that focuses on coordination and gross motor as well.

Infant Programs

Baby Signs is a program we use in our Infant room that introduces communication to Infants prior to the development of speech. Teachers in our Infant classroom use signs like “more”, “all done”, “milk”, or “water” to help infants communicate their needs. Communication development is important for an Infant when it comes to self-soothing; they can let you know through signing what they need!

Benefits of Enrichment Programs

Offering enrichment programs not only gives students a chance to learn or experience new things, but also helps their overall development. Exposing children to an enrichment program at an early age sparks an interest in lifelong learning. We offer such a variety of programs to hopefully expose our children to something that they may not get in everyday life. Robotics, for example, is something that our school age children love; they get to build using a robotics kit, operate it, and then research how to make it better the next time they go to build it again. This process really brings it full circle; they explore options, try them out, and then reflect on what could be done to improve upon it.

Adding to the Curriculum

Enrichment Programs are a great addition to a school’s curriculum and a child’s day. They offer students the opportunity to learn and develop through arts, sciences, sports, and more. They also give the students an understanding of different exercises and arts (dramatic, music, creative) that they can express themselves through. Having music lessons, yoga and karate demonstrations, and even petting zoos come into a school offers the chance for students to hone their interests, even at a young age!

This article was written by Brent Elliott, Assistant Director at The Children’s Workshop in Smithfield, RI.

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