Date Night

As parents, we get so wrapped up running here, going there, working, shopping, and everything in-between, that we sometimes forget about our partners. This doesn’t have to be impossible or even difficult. Don’t dwell on money, time, or scheduling. Below are some tips and tricks to get you out to recharge and relax. Ms. Tracy discussed this topic on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

If money is a slight problem:

– Babysitting can be very expensive if you are on a budget. If possible, plan a day that you and your spouse can take the day off from work together.  What better babysitter than school?  While they are at school, go get lunch or maybe pack a picnic lunch and go eat by the water or a park. Go for a walk or see a movie; just try to reconnect without the craziness for little to no money. On February 9th from 6-8pm, The Children’s Workshop is offering a date night for free to all families in our communities – no enrollment necessary! Call your local TCW for more details!

– Another babysitting tip is to ask family members, at least once a month, if they can watch the kids for the evening or overnight. This doesn’t have to be the same night each month, but it’s good to get into a routine and to have grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins bond with your child(ren).

  • – Get together with your child’s friend’s parents and swap off nights watching each other’s kids.  It gives your children some play date time and each of you time to recharge without worrying.

You can plan date night through the seasons:

– It is winter and the holidays have quieted down – go to and plug in festivals during that season. You can get a bunch of ideas in RI, like the Winter Carnival in Newport. In Massachusetts, you have the Greenfield Winter Festival, and in Connecticut you have the Fire and Ice Festival. Other seasonal activities include ice carving, music, fireworks, dinner, and so on. In March, you can even go to maple sugar festivals in NH and VT!

– Drive to another state – a great idea for September, October, and November so you can witness each state’s foliage! Explore their town, visit a coffee shop or mom and pop restaurant, and maybe learn something new about the area.

– Pack a picnic basket with cheese, crackers, and some fruit, rent a limo and go on a wine tasting trail. or

– Go to your local library – they always have passes to museums. There are certain times of the year and months that they also offer free admission.

– If you really want to be adventurous, go camping in the warm weather. Get a tent (just the two of you) and watch the sun set. If tents are not your style, rent a cabin!

– If all else fails and you must take the children, try to take someone with you that can watch the kids while you both have a little bit of the time together.

The key to date night is to plan ahead and keep that date. Have a backup plan if the first one doesn’t work out. It is important to make it a priority and keep that spark going. The possibilities are endless. Having children doesn’t mean you cannot go out, you just need to the think outside the box to make it happen!

This article was written by Tracy Martin-Turgeon, VP and Regional Director of Operations at The Children’s Workshop in Cumberland, RI.