TCW understands that frequent and thorough handwashing is a primary means of infection control and has always enforced a strong handwashing policy. 



Regular cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing is also vitally important to maintaining the health and safety of our students, their families and our staff.  Our guiding principles for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are:

  • Normal routine cleaning with soap and water will decrease how much of the virus is on surfaces and objects, which reduces the risk of exposure.
  • Disinfection using EPA-approved disinfectants against COVID-19 can also help reduce the risk of viral transmission.
  • Frequent disinfection of surfaces and objects touched by multiple people is crucial.
  • When EPA-approved disinfectants are not available, alternative disinfectants can be used (for example, 1/3 cup of bleach added to 1 gallon of water, or 70% alcohol solutions).

The Children’s Workshop follows NAEYC accreditation standards, CFOC national standards and CDC recommendations for the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection of educational facilities for children. Click here to review our cleaning policies with additions for COVID-19, sanitizing toys and disinfecting bedding.