Connecting with Your Local Library

How can your local library become the connection between you and your community? Find out on The Rhode Show!

What are the benefits of bringing your children to your local library?

School and public libraries open up new worlds, spark imagination, encourage reading, help develop critical thinking and prepare and support kids and teens in school and life. And most of the materials and programs available at your library are free!

What values can using the library instill in children?

For kids, learning about how library books are just on loan to us and belong to everyone in the community was a first lesson on how to take care of things so that they last and can be used by many people. The idea of treating things as important long-lasting objects, instead of disposable ones, is easy to drive home when it’s connected to the library books that they love checking out. It also is a great way to talk about sharing resources and how we have to think beyond ourselves.

How can the library connect us to the community?

Libraries are community centers, serving everyone in their area. Just visiting the library is a way to connect yourself and your family to the community you live in, but libraries offer more than that. They host book clubs, LEGO clubs, story times, puppet shows, writing camps, family movie nights and information sessions on technologies and community issues (among so many other things). They serve us and they also bring us together and get us involved in our community.

How can the library help expose your children to foreign cultures?

Books from everywhere around the world, featuring stories and characters they couldn’t meet otherwise let them see how big and varied the world really is while also showing them how much is the same from place to place.

How can a library card help instill a sense of responsibility?

Giving a child control over their own library card is a good way to teach responsibility at a young age. Allow the child to select their own books and put them in charge of having them ready to be returned by the due date. If the books are returned late then the child could be held accountable for the consequences.