Clearance Rack Ramblings

Hello! Let me introduce myself.  My name is Lisa. I am employee of the Children’s Workshop and a have an unhealthy obsession with getting a bargain.  We’re talking 3 groceries stores in one night, “Can I use 4 coupons at once for this?”, “I have a buy one get one free entrée coupon”  and “Ma’am, can you please leave? TJ Maxx is closed” type of deal seeker.  When Kohl’s began putting the “this is how much you saved” amount on the bottom on their receipts, I hugged the cashier.  It’s a hobby and compulsion.. I mean passion, to hunt bargains.

 You may wonder “Great, but why is this blog on a child care’s website?”

I’ll get to that later.

I’ll also admit I do not work in the child care sector of TCW nor have I had the pleasure of becoming a parent. 

Again, you may be asking yourself “mmmk, why are you here?”

Well, firstly, I enjoy blogging and manage a dangerous combination.  And secondly- this economy…yes, I live in it too.  And in spite of not having another mouth to feed besides my dachshund-mix (who’s sphere-like silhouette indicates she’s never missed a meal), I have, like any other family, had to adjust for the rising cost of … well, everything.

Parent or not, we all have a budget.  It really doesn’t matter how much money you make (or don’t make) these days, you seem to spend it.  Despite that one major difference between myself and our tradition demographic, I think you and I can find an awful lot in common… most universal being we all want the best for ourselves and our families. In my case, a very demanding wiener dog who (when she feels like it) answers to Stella.

I began by stating I am an avid shopper.  So, if you guessed I’m here for some sort of shopping/things to do on the cheap guidance- ding, ding, and ding!  You win.  I’d like to use my “never pay full price” mantra for good.  From coupons, to local sales to advice on where to shop for the things you want most, I want to help.  Its human nature to want to save a little bit now and again and I’m hoping to help you do that!  Especially with the holidays coming up, let’s get some deals!  

This week at Kohl’s- 50% off all kids gift clothing, toys.. and pretty much everything AND free shipping…
I took a swing by the store this week, to research of course, and it’s INSANE what they have on sale. I bought a cute little newborn outfit for my newest little cousin for under $10.

If you don’t have Groupon, I highly suggest you get on that. Looking for something to do other than the movie or family night at the BK Lounge?  Try Monster Mini Golf… Groupon has a group outing for four up for the next 2 days …only $16 buckaroos. Please disregard the terrifying picture they chose to use for this groupon… it's not that scarey.

For really local deals, start following Rhody Mommies on Facebook. They are completed dedicated to finding deals morning, noon and night and update their feed on an insane basis.

Hopefully this can get you started with some Holiday Shopping!  Feel free to email me at with any feedback and/or suggestions! Shop on!