Clearance Rack Ramblings

Despite my affinity for making a public spectacle of myself, I have yet to wear a red track suit, pearls and a stop watch to Target on Black Friday for my own personal amusement. All kidding aside, I see the allure. 

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday.  Partly because it begins a weeklong of feasting; partly because of the friends and family I get to see in one swoop and partly because it’s the day before Black Friday.  Oh, and it is particularly my favorite holiday this year because I will be seeing the Muppet Movie shortly after my first Thanksgiving gluttonous helping of turkey.  And if all goes well, a double feature of Puss in Boots…. Moving on.

Sadly, Thanksgiving often becomes a forgotten holiday.  Instead of researching recipes, you’re probably spending the week a little overwhelmed with deals coming through your email and cursing everyone you’ve ever given your email address to (except you, DSW, keep ‘em coming).  And while we'll be posting ways to enjoy Turkey day with your family all week long on FB, I am going to join the masses and focus on Black Friday.

While I know time is hard to come by these days, If you set aside, say,  as little as a half hour(if possible) you can find some awesome bargains.  I personally enjoy the physical thrill of the hunt a little more, but as my best friend (who is currently with child) said yesterday, “I will be planting myself next to my computer, with my coupons lined up next to me and probably getting the same deals as you. You are crazy leaving the house to do so.” Probably true. But anyway…

As parents, or almost parents like my BF, online shopping is a great way to get your shopping done and avoid losing precious time with your family. Here are some tips to make your online shopping a little more organized and affordable.

-Take your one hour, of half hour, or whatever amount of time you’ve alotted to research your deals.  Don’t impulse buy.

-Open a word document, copy and paste each link to the deal onto one word document with a little description. This will serve as a shopping cart from multiple sites. This way you can go back and edit when you’re ready to purchase. This is especially helpful for people you’re blinding shopping for. You might find something for them to keep on the back burner until something better comes along. If you don’t, it’s right there ready for you to purchase.
-Once your research is done, and you are ready to purchase, try to sit down and purchase everything all at once.

  • This is important for 2 reasons:
  • 1. You’ll know exactly how much you spent. If you purchase something one day, another thing a week later- the amount may get fuzzy. When you do it all at once, you tend to stay on budget more.
  • 2. All of your receipts will be emailed to you roughly in the same timeframe and they’ll be easier to find if you need them down the road.  Remember that Transformers Dark of Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime Toy that was on sale at Target for $59.99? Well you found it at for $55.97 with free shipping (because you are awesome). Return it for your $4 profit and feel excellent ($4 may not seem like much, but hey, every penny counts!)

If you feel the need to venture out of the house to get a good deal, I’m with you. Here are some tips I try to follow when I head out.

-Check the junk stores first…. seriously.  This tip has been catapulted to numero uno on my tip list after having found an awesome Jessica McClintock dress at Building 19 for $20 a while back. My ventures to Building 19 have produced a power drill that retailed at $199 for $80 (for my father), an end bench originally from Pier 1 ($299) for $79 (for my mother) and also afforded TCW the ability to purchase 400+ children’s books at a very reasonable price. Their children’s section in general is impressive.  Ocean State, Family Dollar… from stocking stuffers to big ticket items (Tempurpedic Mattress tops for under $300) these places are full of leftovers from the big department stores in perfectly good condition.

-Speaking of department stores, never head to one without a coupon of some sort.  Just don’t do it.  If you think to yourself, “meh, I’ll just go without a coupon…” NOOOO!! Please email me immediately and I will somehow find you a coupon.  Coupons. Are. Everywhere.  Before you venture out see if you can google printable coupons online.

-If you end up somewhere you didn’t know you were going, and didn’t print out a coupon, and you own a smart phone- you are in LUCK. The Coupon App: Download this for coupons on your mobile device.

-Wear comfortable attire, carry as little as possible. While I do not expect you to dress like the Target woman (though I do strongly encourage it) you’re probably going to be hauling a good deal of stuff. And it’s probably going to be cold.

-And finally, most important, Cumberland Farms FREE COFFEE FRIDAY 11/25. 🙂 Load up and refuel multiple times if you have to, it's free!


To wrap up this massive blog up, here are some coupon codes and deals to get you started! Plan accordingly. 🙂


Black Friday-like sales going on right now at


I’m not sure if this is a hot item but it amused me and I found a coupon code for it…. Rock Elmo … use coupon code TGTP9RTN for $5 off


Cookie My Playful Pup … use coupon code TGTGJFB7 for $5 off


Lots of coupon codes!


Macy*s opens at 12 am everywhere Friday… 25%-50% + extra if you use your Macy*s card.


Happy Shopping!!!