Celebrating Moms

Although Mother’s Day recently passed, it’s important to remember not only to celebrate moms on Mother’s Day, but every day of the year!  For moms, Mother’s Day is a day to relax and celebrate the best gift in the world – simply being a mom – something moms do every day! This segment was featured on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Mom’s aren’t just “Moms” on Mother’s Day

It’s great to celebrate mom on her special day.  But, how do you show her you care throughout the course of the year?!?  Remember throughout the year that we should indeed reflect on the integral and unique role that women play in raising children and contributing to society in immeasurable ways.

Here are some ways you can celebrate mom the whole year through:

·       Plant a garden for her!  Let her boss you around and tell you you’re not doing it right too. If it’s a vegetable garden, you may reap the benefits!

·       Re-create family photos (to usually hilarious results)!

·       Take a walk with her after a busy day

·       Wash and vacuum her car – just because!

·       Make a movie or a powerpoint filled with pictures and little things you remember.

·       Get her a Groupon to a unique experience that you two can share together.

·       Send her a sweet “thank you” text during the week

·       Take care of something on her to-do list.

·       Participate in her hobby with her for a day, you might be surprised how much you like it, too!

Remembering What’s Important

  • On Mother’s Day and the whole year through, think about why your mom is important to you.  Perhaps you don’t have a mom, but someone who is “like” a mom to you – what makes them so unique and special to you?  Does she know what she means to you?
  • Gifts are kind gestures, but words are never forgotten.  Chances are, mom doesn’t really want you to spend your hard earned cash on something for her.  What she really wants to know is what’s inside your heart – show her how much you care by writing to her or framing an old photo that you can both cherish.

Why are Moms So Important?

  • Whether we are close with our moms or not, the truth is, where would we be without moms?  Mothers give us the gift of life and birth us into this world – an act of courage, selflessness and determination. 
  • High quality preschool programs have structure – daily routines are implemented, policies and procedures are in place to address a variety of circumstances and issues