Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I think we can all agree that is a great opportunity to show your Dad or that special male role model in your life, what they mean to you.  It’s a day dedicated just to them.  So, here are some fun and simple ways to honor the Dad’s in your life on Father’s Day. Miss Kelli discussed this on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

Remove some of the daily pressure – Let them soak in the glory of the day. They can do absolutely nothing, which is sometimes hard for Dad’s to do because they are so used to the hustle and bustle of daily life.  You may to help them to slow down and take a moment to smell the roses.

Remind them that there are no deadlines and no chores to get done for the day. They can do whatever they want.  Maybe just relax, enjoy a game of golf or just watch a movie with no interruptions.  This could be a lot of fun!

Spend some time together – It is so easy to get side tracked by our daily routines.  As parents we jump up in the morning, ensure that everyone is prepared for their day and then of to work we go.  At night it’s the same routine, pick up the kids, eat on the go, off to activities, homework and then home to bed.

Encourage Dad to slow the pace and take the moment to spend some quality time together.  Maybe go for a walk, have a picnic, ride a bike, or just sit at the beach.  Leave the all the distractions at home.  

Let Dad reminisce about his younger days – Let him tell stories about his childhood. He can discuss some things he liked to do with his dad or a significant male role model, such as a coach, uncle or grandfather. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other on a different level.

Make him a gift –  The best gifts are not store bought ones, that cost a lot of money.  The best gifts are the ones made from love!  It can be as simple as making him a tie, serve breakfast in bed, a fun lunch date or build a sandcastle at the beach.

Keep in mind that Dad’s come in all shapes and sizes.  Celebrating Father’s Day can be with any special person who fills that spot in your life.  This can be a neighbor, an uncle, a grandfather, a brother, or even a mom who has filled that void. Whoever that special person is take some time to step back and thank them. 

This article was written by Kelli DiDomenico, V.P. of Family Engagement & Community Relations at The Children’s Workshop.