Celebrating and pursuing careers in early education!

This week on Modern Parent we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week! Click here to watch! http://wpri.com/2014/05/05/celebrating-and-pursuing-careers-in-early-education/


It’s always a good idea to let our teachers know how much we respect their efforts.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 is happening from May 5-9, and this is the time to show educators that you admire their role in the growth and development of children.

Whether it is in preschools and daycares or elementary and middle schools, teachers spend their days encouraging the learning of your child, while protecting them and making them feel safe and secure in their school environment. It is important in this week, the 30th Anniversary of Teacher Appreciation Week, that we take the time to acknowledge these individuals and their dedication.

The best way to express your appreciation this week or at any time is simply to acknowledge your feelings to the teacher. Kind words and notes can be more influential to an educator than any other type of gift that a parent can give. Simply writing a note thanking them for their support and care for your child can mean the world to a teacher.

Parents and teachers work together to form a cohesive learning environment at home and at school. The needs of the child are paramount, and early educators work very hard to become a support system for their families.

In early childhood care and education, teachers have a dual task of educating but also continuing to nurture children in their first years. Children learn more in the first five years of their lives than they do at any other time. It is important for children in daycare and childcare programs to feel as safe as they do at home. There is no other way to promote learning in children than to make them feel loved and secure in every environment.

The field of early education is not only an emotionally rewarding career, but it is a great stepping stone for those seeking to teach at any age. Witnessing the fundamental learning styles of infants, toddlers and the curious preschoolers can help a teacher form their own foundations for any age group. It is not just what happens in the classroom, either. There are many careers out there that seek to better the lives of young children, and working in a classroom is just the start.

The field is constantly looking for dedicated individuals who wish to gain experience in the care industry. Early childcare is as rewarding to the teacher as it is to the child.