Professional Development at TCW

As educators, we teach children the importance of being lifelong learners. Learning is an essential component for academic success and the better our teachers are, the better we are as an organization. No matter where you are on your career journey, if you aspire to learn more, we can help.

Leadership Institute for Educators (LIFE) Conference

Annually on Veteran’s Day (November 11), The Children’s Workshop brings all its teachers, administrators, and support staff together for a day of training, team-building, recognition, and FUN!

L.I.F.E. stands for “Leadership Institute for Educators” and that is exactly what our all-staff training day is. We bring some of the best trainers from across the region in to present workshops on various topics for staff to ensure that they are up to date on the latest developments in early childhood education. These workshops give teachers hands on instruction in topics like child development, curriculum design, and lesson planning.

In addition to giving extensive training, the LIFE Conference is a great team building day for our company. It is the one day per year that teachers from all our schools come together in one location, allowing them a great opportunity to network and share their experiences and best practices with their peers. As close to calling this day mandatory, this is one day you won’t want to miss!

Buddy Program

We know the transition into a new role or job can be new and different, so we give you a Buddy to help with your TCW transition! The Buddy Program is designed to assist new employees seamlessly transition into their role at TCW and was built so that as a new employee you don’t have to feel awkward asking your co-teachers or school director the basic of all questions: What time should I take my break? What is the security code? How do I clock-in? Whose Mom is that?

Your Buddy will be there throughout your probationary period to assist you in any way they can.

CDA (Child Development Associate) Program

Gain valuable skills, knowledge, and confidence to grow as a teacher through this nationally recognized, program that includes online instruction, group and individual calls, online communities, and practice assignments.

Tuition Reimbursement

If your career goals include learning from an institute of higher education, we can help. Whether you choose an Associates, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree our generous tuition assistance program can help your dream become a reality. This is a benefit you are eligible for upon completion of your probationary period.

Training Reimbursement

If your career goals include learning from other resources and not toward a degree OR you are working toward your annual requirement of professional development hours, we can help. Whether you register for a workshop we sponsor or one you find on your own – we allocate up to $100 per employee, per year to use toward training reimbursement. This is a benefit you are eligible for upon completion of your probationary period.

Partnership Programs

To offer outstanding classes and discounted pricing we have collaborated with some of the area’s leading institutions:

Ongoing Professional Development

Connect, collaborate, and learn with peers at regional learning events, monthly staff development meetings, annual professional development days and more. Taught through a variety of modalities to support various learning styles, options include: webinars, on-line trainings, and facilitator lead workshops.