Budget Friendly Travel Tips

Parents love to take vacation, but sometimes it is put on the back burner because to cost.  There are many ways to save money and make that vacation a reality and great destinations for your family.  Even Disney! Miss Tracy discussed this topic on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

So first, the only way to figure out if you are going to save money is to do the math.  Look at what a travel agency is letting you know what the cost will be for a family of four and then do some research.  Yes to save money you have to do your homework.

Meals– by far can be the most expensive part of your trip.  Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 6 nights can cost into the thousands. Even if you are eating fast food.   So some tips to help you save on this cost.

  1. Look for hotels and resorts that have specials that kids eat free.  This will cut your cost almost in half. Look for hotels and resorts that either have a kitchenette which is a small kitchen but functional, or they have a refrigerator and microwave in the room.   This will save you so much money.  You can make breakfast or lunch and go out to dinner.  If you have the kitchenette you can decide which meals you want to spend out and the others will be at your vacation spot.
  3. Renting a condo or a house gives you privacy, time to kick back and relax, do a shopping for snacks to take to the parks, go back to eat lunch, or just stay back.  Make sure there is a pool and other activities to keep your little ones still entertain or teenagers.

Road Trip– If you are planning on driving to your destination, you can do the same with a cooler.  Instead of stopping along the way to eat lunch and breakfast, bring a cooler full of items that everyone likes. Drinks, snacks, fruit, sandwiches, cheese and crackers etc.  Most of the time you have this already in your refrigerator at home and it will be bad when you come back.  So why not take it along for the journey.

Thermos– Another good tip is to bring a thermos if you like to drink coffee.  Most gas stations stops along your trip will let you fill the whole thermos for just $1.  Saving money along the way. 

Timing– Timing is everything when booking your trips.  If you plan to travel and fly, if possible take your children out of school a couple of day earlier.  Flying on a Tuesday or Wednesdays both ways can save you a ton of cash. During school vacations you could spend three to four hundred dollars each way.  By booking on a Tuesday or Wednesday you could save two to three hundred each way.  Nice!

Renting a car– reserve a car early, however reserve the cheapest one.  This is because they always run out of them early and they end up giving you an upgrade for the same amount and more room.  If this doesn’t happen, that is ok it is almost always cheaper to rent a bigger car at the counter than on line.

Finally– research, research, and research.  Yes you need to look around.   A family of five can go to Disney for about $3,000.00.   This is air, condo, four day tickets, car, six nights and food.  Planning and researching for the best possible deals can get you the same results and ultimately end up saving you a ton of money with the best vacation.     

This article was written by Tracy Martin-Turgeon, Regional Director at The Children’s Workshop.