Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Children of all ages have some many challenges and stressors these days, more so than when most of us where children.  Yoga is a creative way to destress and without a lot of money.  This can also help parents along the way, for just minutes and little or no money a healthier child and you. Miss. Tracy discussed this topic on The Rhode Show. Watch it here!

  • – Ways in how kids may benefit from yoga
  • – Benefits of yoga in schools

Yoga can help in many ways in just minutes a day!

  • – It can help develop and build concentration
  • – It can help to increase your child’s confidence and self-image
  • – Can help your child to move away from electronics
  • – It can also help your child manage stress
  • – Yoga can teach your child how to breathe and calm down.  This is really important even for young children.

Benefits of Yoga in Schools

  • – We have all seen in schools how recess is cut short, behaviors have increased, less outdoor time, and then we ask why this is.
  • – Yoga is a great outlet in schools in many ways, this can give teachers alternative ways to handling challenges in the classrooms.  With just a couple of poses children can bounce back.
  • – This can give teachers a healthy activity to intergrade into a lesson plan.
  • – Yoga can help children burn off steam in just minutes and calm their bodies down.  Yoga has been around for centuries but just now starting to get more noticed.
  • – Balancing poses can help children deal with many chaotic things that go on in this world.  Helping them deal better with stress and who struggle with attention spans.
  • – Teachers can also incorporate small mediation lesson.  This might help from moving from one activity to another and giving the brain time to slow down, switch gears, and help to concentrate on next task at hand.
  • – Over all helps improve the mind and body connections.
  • – Encourages children to be healthier, and boost self-confidence.

Parents can incorporate small yoga moves at home when a child is having an outburst.  Deep down wisdom helps with this, breathing techniques and stretching.  There are great DVD’s out that help incorporate at home, cards you can down load, or join a mommy and me yoga class.  It just depend on what you want to spend and how much time you want to put into it. Next time you are at your PTO meeting ask your child’s school do you incorporate yoga? 

Resources:,, and move with me yoga.

This article was written by Tracy Martin-Turgeon, Vice President & Regional Director of Operations at The Children’s Workshop.