Activities to Strengthen Language Skills

Developing language is, at its core, about developing creativity and capacity of the mind. Certain techniques can encourage speech and language development in preschool children.

Frequent Conversation

To successfully integrate new knowledge, children need repeated exposure to new words and sentence structures. Maintaining a running dialogue during day-to-day activities like bathing, cleaning the house, or running errands is a proven way to reinforce vocabulary in different settings. Additionally, daily rituals, like asking a child about their day at dinner, can create space for reflection and expression.

Diverse Forms of Exposure

The more exposure preschool children have to different mediums of a language, the better. Singing songs, listening to or playing music, and learning chants and nursery rhymes will all help a child develop creative language skills.

Read aloud from stories with engaging storylines and colorful illustrations to inspire creativity. Then, ask preschool children questions about the book to solidify new words and grammar patterns. Pictures serve as a great starting point for children to practice descriptive words.

Positive Communication Styles

In 2011, researchers Schachner and Hannon confirmed that infants are more receptive to speakers who use a higher pitch. This could be because higher pitches are frequently associated with positive emotion. Preschool children will also be more receptive to language learning when it takes place in a warm environment. Rather than criticizing language mistakes, it is more effective to address incorrect speaking patterns with cheerful corrections.

When combined with curiosity and a sense of joyful wonder, these techniques will encourage preschool children to give voice to their world.